WordPress can be funky and new versions can cause issues.



Plugin conflicts happen often and can be a daunting task to fix.



Is there something strange going on inside your WordPress theme?



Have something that just doesn't make sense and you need it fixed?


Strange WordPress Code Errors

Is there an odd code error somewhere on your WordPress website? Well if there is, it is not suppose to be there and might drive you bonkers trying to remove it. This issue can be daunting trying to locate and correct. Let us do it for you and do it quickly. WordPress WHite Screen of Death is one if the most recognized issues with WordPress when it does not function properly. We can quickly fix this for you and get your WordPress site back to normal.


WordPress CSS or Styling Changes

Here at WP Fix It, we pride ourselves in the joy of working with CSS and can help you with any type of styling issue you are having. An example of this would be something just not in the right place or not the right font/color. When your site looks good, you feel good and when you feel good, YOU GET GOOD RESULTS!


Database Optimization & Cleanup

Your database is the sweet spot of all your saved website content and data. Over time databases can become very bloated storing tons of information that you site does not need anymore. Our WP Fix It Agent will do a detailed optimization of your entire database before they complete the backup.


General All Things WordPress Support

The list of items above is just a short list of the support requests we handle often. Our service IS NOT limited to this list and we service all issues related to WordPress. Many WordPress issues take less than 30 minutes to fix. This is how we can provide such a high level of instant support at an affordable cost. Piece of mind is knowing your clients will get attention right away.


Detailed Full Security Check

Your assigned Agent will make sure your site meets a high level of security standards. This audit will perform an extensive check of the most critical security points in WordPress and correct any issues that are discovered.


Full HTTPS URL Transition

This task is key in making sure your site is HTTPS compliant in all areas. Our Agent will change all site paths from HTTP to HTTPS and ensure it is done correctly to avoid search engine ranking issues.


Meet and Exceed Google Requirements

This is so important because Google will not only flag any site that does not load secure with HTTPS but will also penalize your search engine ranking. Our WordPress Security Specialist will make sure you comply with all the items Google requires that will make your site stay in good standing online and in online searches. Keep Google HAPPY!


WordPress Website Migration or Backup

Need to move your WordPress website from one location to another? This can get messy and why bother when we can do it for you. Our WP Fix It Agents will fully migrate your WordPress website to where ever you like and also setup and automated WordPress backup and restore system for you. No site to big or small to move.


Remote Backup Option

We can setup your backup to be saved in multiple locations like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive and many others. This is a cool feature because if anything goes wrong on your web server, you have another location where your website backup is stored and safe.